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Charged With A Sex Offense Or Other Violent Crime? Reclaim Your Future Now.

Your life as you have known it can seem to come to a halt after you have been accused of an unspeakable crime. In fact, the risk of drastic consequences is real. A conviction on your record for a sex offense or other violent felony might mean that you cannot pursue your chosen career path. It may complicate your life in ways you haven’t imagined. To turn things around, contact an experienced defense attorney who really cares about you and can help you find a promising path forward.

I am defense attorney Jim Shaw in Fayetteville, and I represent people facing criminal charges throughout Northwest Arkansas and beyond. Jim Shaw and Associates is a firm that stands up for the underdog. Accusations of assault and battery can make you feel trapped, but with my advocacy, you can hold onto your rights with confidence. I want to help you avoid the harshest outcomes of violent felony criminal charges.

Stay Free, Stay Optimistic

Were you named as a suspect after allegations such as the following?

  • Assault and battery
  • Rape or sexual assault
  • Abuse of a minor

Even if a video surveillance tape shows you striking or shooting someone, your defense is not hopeless. Only a detailed investigation will determine the truth. Is it really you in the video? Is the assault malicious or is it an act of self-defense? More questions than answers may come up regardless of what type of evidence a prosecutor claims to have. I will help you confront those questions boldly while guarding your rights and best interests.

My Reputation As A Zealous Advocate Speaks For Itself

Past clients have testified to my tenacity and effectiveness in the courtroom. I have a track record full of case outcomes that have brought fresh hope to people. Many had been wrongly accused or simply deserved a second chance. I approach every defense case with a fierce determination to protect the rights of the accused.

To discuss your case and learn how I can help you after accusations or an arrest, call my law offices at 479-717-9314 or send an email inquiry. I can help you even if you were charged with a major crime outside of Arkansas.