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About My Defense Law Practice: Jim Shaw and Associates

There is nothing I enjoy more than making a difference for someone who has been charged with a crime and then gets a new lease on life with my help. An arrest and all that goes along with a scary brush with the law can be traumatic and bewildering. As a third-generation lawyer in my family, I am dedicated to defending the underdog – and anyone charged with a crime is at a disadvantage when up against the power of a local, state or federal court.

My life’s path has taken me through various professional positions as a football coach, a marine biology researcher and a commercial real estate broker before becoming a lawyer. All along the way, I have cultivated a determination to stand up for people who need an advocate. To learn more about me, follow this link:

Jim Shaw

To learn about areas of my criminal defense practice today, look over this website or, better yet, give me a call so we can talk about your legal challenge. I primarily work with clients accused of major felonies, including violent crimes and serious drug crimes. I persevere for the sake of each one’s constitutional rights. Everyone has a unique story. I am here to help you tell yours to an investigator, prosecutor, judge or jury while arguing for a favorable outcome.

What To Expect When We Work Together

When I meet with you, I will first listen carefully, before advising you at all. Then, based on the facts that you share with me in a confidential consultation, I will explain your criminal charges and potential penalties in plain English. Once you have decided to move ahead with my help, we will begin planning and implementing your defense strategy. I look forward to helping you discover the best path forward to a fresh start and a brighter future.

Previous clients here in Northwestern Arkansas have expressed appreciation for my professionalism, clear communication, availability, passion and tenacity. I am ready to put these qualities to work for the sake of your defense.

Schedule A Consultation

After you have been charged with a serious crime or heard that you are under investigation, I hope you will give me a chance to explain how I can help.

To reach my law offices, call 479-717-9314 or send an email inquiry.